About Us

Since 1969, Scandic has been a leader in coil springs, fourslide stampings, precision progressive stampings, and CNC wireforming.

Scandic is the largest spring and stamping company in Northern California. Today our team includes multiple engineers, tool and die makers, and veteran technicians who understand all spring materials.

The kinds of parts we make for our customers include battery contacts, EMI shielding, ESD contacts, spring clips, latches and retainers, and belleville washers.

We have particular expertise in working with spring materials such as beryllium copper, which are heat-treated after forming to attain their highest spring temper.

New Equipment and Expanded Services and ARRIVING Q2 2017 — FIBER LASER

Scandic has expanded its physical plant to add a new building for presses, and has expanded its equipment:

Stamping up to 24 inches wide with a 220-ton press. Scandic has also installed a new 165 ton servo punch press, offering a new way to stamp metal. This is the first servo press available for contract stamping in Northern California. Our larger presses are all straight side, double crank with precision servo feeds and tonnage monitors. This technology allows us to use carbide tooling when needed.

Cleaning Solutions: automatic conveyor cleaning line, ultrasonic cleaning, and clean room packaging.

Tolerance Guidelines for Designers

Download the Formed Parts Tolerances PDF.

Employment opportunities

Calling all engineering students…

Scandic is pleased to help university-level engineering students on their class projects. We have recently worked with students from these institutions:






"Students from Stanford University's "The Magic of Materials & Manufacturing" tour Scandic for an in-depth look at modern processes."