Our extensive group of fourslide presses can handle your intricate stampings and wireforms. Scandic's reputation as the leader in stamped springs comes from the ability to make parts from wire or strip materials with fourslide tooling. This technology allows the designer to use forms that are over 90 degrees, and to place forms in different planes.

Because we design and build tooling for both progressive dies or fourslides, your part will run on the type of machine that best fits it. Ask us about the many other advantages of fourslide forming, including lower cost tooling; more economical material usage; and inclusion of secondary operations (welding, staking, assembly) in the forming process. We can tap your part automatically at high speed inside the tooling!

About Us

Since 1969, Scandic has been a leader in coil springs, fourslide stampings, precision progressive stampings, and CNC wireforming.

Scandic is the largest spring and stamping company in Northern California.